Purchase LogConv

LogConv may be purchased through PayPal, which does allow for credit card orders. Please be sure to include your Amateur Radio callsign in the comments field when placing your order since this is used to generate your unique license key.

LogConv is only $5 and the license will be valid for all defect releases and minor upgrades (2.16, 2.17, etc).

In the future I plan on setting up an automated purchase and license key generation system, but for now it's manual. I will generate your license key upon payment and send it via email to the address indicated in your PayPal payment. I can't guarantee a turnaround time, but I check my email almost every day.

Steps To Ordering LogConv

  • First, download and install LogConv on your machine.
  • Enter your Amateur Radio callsign in the texbox below. This value will be used to create your unique license key.
  • Press the "Buy Now" button to be taken to PayPal's website to complete payment.
  • Once payment is complete, click on the link to return to the KA5WSS.com page so that PayPal will return you to this website. If you are to receive your license key immediately it is imperitive that you perform this step.
  • If for some reason the license key was not properly generated when you get back to this site, I will create your license key using the callsign that you provided and email it to you. I try and do this on a quick turnaround, but sometimes it takes a day or two.
  • Save your license key in a safe place. We can retrieve it for you later if need be, but keep it copied somewhere safe anyway.
  • Follow the directions on the purchase completed page to apply your license key so that you can convert files with more than 10 QSOs.

Don't forget: To obtain your license key right away, you must click on the link back to ka5wss.com after you complete your payment transaction on PayPal.com!