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Battery Pack

I’m in the process of building up a station to operate portable for VHF contests and Parks on the Air efforts.  I recently purchased a battery pack from GigaParts to provide power for this purpose.  The source of power is a 24 Ah LiFePO4 battery.  This fits in a plastic carrying box with plenty of […]

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2022 January VHF Contest

The conditions for the January VHF Contest were not particularly good. Six meters never really opened up anywhere. So a major component of my previous scores went missing. I only ended up making 28 QSOs and 9 grids on 50MHz, 144 MHz and 440 MHz. Despite this, I did work a brand new grid on […]

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TR-751A Revived!

KA5WSS Operating Position

Thanks to a big favor from fellow University of Texas ARC alum George Fremin (K5TR) I have a working 2M multi-mode radio once again. Some years ago I purchased a used Kenwood TR-751A that output 25W on the 2M band. The real selling point was that it also has SSB support. It worked great for […]

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