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FT8 and RHR using Loopback

I’ve been using Remote Ham Radio for my serious DX’ing for some time now. Until recently this was limited to SSB and using the built in microphone on a Macbook Pro. I came across some good documentation from RHR on how to set up WSJT and RHR to work with FT8 with no need to […]

New Logbook

I just managed to finish off my second Amateur Radio logbook today, making some contacts in the RAC Winter Contest. The reason this sticks out for me is the date range of the QSOs contained in that logbook. August 1993 – December 2018 That’s 25 years between the first and last contact. I knew I […]


As Penny and I have settled into our home in Sonoma I’ve taken on an increasing interest in getting more active in Amateur Radio once again.  Getting a station back on the air was a critical step.  This new site is also part of that effort.   I’ve never had an impressive personal station and that […]