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Battery Pack

I’m in the process of building up a station to operate portable for VHF contests and Parks on the Air efforts.  I recently purchased a battery pack from GigaParts to provide power for this purpose.  The source of power is a 24 Ah LiFePO4 battery.  This fits in a plastic carrying box with plenty of […]

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FT-991A With An External Antenna Tuner

I’ve been making a ton of QSOs with my Yaesu FT-991A from my home station, mostly on FT8. I have an end fed half wave antenna and use an antenna tuner to get as good a match as possible. I’ve had an LDG AT-200Pro external automatic antenna tuner (LDG now sells the AT-200ProII) for years. […]

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Antenna Switch, Sort Of

I have two HF radios.  One is an older Kenwood TS-680S and the other a newer Yaesu FT-991A.  I could easily just stick with the FT-991A full time if it weren’t for one pesky issue. Working 60M FT8 is a royal pain. When giving Hams access to the 60M band the FCC chose to channelize […]

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Pay Attention To Your Tools

Antenna Tuner

CLACKY-CLACKY-CLACK! I’ve owned an LDG Electronics AT-200Pro Autotuner for years. It’s done a great job tuning up various antennas I’ve owned over the years. I’m not sure I could be more happy with it. So it was a little bit of a surprise recently when I fired up the rig to make an FT8 contact […]

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New Desk And Hung Awards

KA5WSS Operating Desk

After much contemplation, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a stand-up desk for my home office/station. For years I owned a simple desk with a crisscrossing tubular frame that was fine, but presented some problems. Because the frame ran parallel to the desk on the ground it meant a rolling chair could not get […]

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TR-751A Revived!

KA5WSS Operating Position

Thanks to a big favor from fellow University of Texas ARC alum George Fremin (K5TR) I have a working 2M multi-mode radio once again. Some years ago I purchased a used Kenwood TR-751A that output 25W on the 2M band. The real selling point was that it also has SSB support. It worked great for […]

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New Logbook


I just managed to finish off my second ARRL Amateur Radio logbook today while making some contacts in the RAC Winter Contest. The reason this sticks out for me is the date range of the QSOs contained in that logbook. August 1993 through December 2018. That’s 25 years between the first and last contact. I […]

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