I have an extremely modest station that consists of an end-fed wire HF antenna, an end fed 6M antenna running down a length of wooden privacy fence and a dual band 1/4 wave vertical on top of my garage.  It’s not much and won’t break many pileups. But it’s been great to finally get back on the air.  My current lineup of radios include:

HF: Yaesu FT-991A (160M-70cm)
Kenwood TS-680S (160-6M)
2M/440 FM: Icom IC-T7A HT
2M: Kenwood TR-751A multimode

KA5WSS Shack in June 2019
KA5WSS Shack in June 2019

Most operation from the home station is FT8 as you can tell by the fact that there is no mic hooked up to the TS-680S. I use Remote Ham Radio stations to work DX stations on SSB that would never hear me otherwise.

In Feb. 2019 I finished some work that wired up my upstairs study. I no longer have to operate downstairs with feedline running out a window. The operating position is much more comfortable now!

In 2022 I made the leap from paper logs to all electronic logging using Ham Radio Deluxe. I’m not sure why I held out as long as I did. My QSLing tasks have been greatly simplified as a result.

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