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LogConv Feature – Generic SRX Field

SRX Option

Not every application adheres to standards. Such oversights or mistakes can complicate moving data between systems. The ADIF file specification defines two SRX fields relating to received information in contest exchanges. They share a common prefix, but are defined as containing related. but not identical, information. Field Type Description SRX Integer Received serial number SRX_FIELD […]

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LogConv Feature – Auto Time Increment

Auto Time Increment Option

This is one of a series of posts highlighting specific features of my Amateur Radio log conversion software utility LogConv. Auto Time Increment is a seldom used LogConv feature that helps ensure the ordering of log data is maintained even if the input file’s output cannot. With the data residing in a text file there’s […]

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New LogConv Website


I’ve rolled out a new LogConv website to replace the pages that used to reside on this site. It’s still a bit threadbare, but more will be added in the future. LogConv is my simple utility which allows for the conversion of Amateur Radio log files from one format to another. Current file types supported […]

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