April 2024 QSL Card Inbox

QSL Cards
94 QSL Cards from the Buro

Things have really picked up, QSL-wise in April. On April 19th I received a shipment of 94 QSL Cards from the Incoming QSL Bureau! I had inadvertently allowed my envelope count to drop to zero and the cards started to pile up.

Sorting through those and updating my logbook kept me busy for some time after that. The stack included some new band countries and even some all time new ones.

Not included in the Bureau shipment, an All Time New One for me is represented by this QSL Card for contacts made with 4W8X in East Timor. I worked them on 15M through 10M using CW, FT8 and SSB.

I worked 8Q7RM on 40M using FT8. This contact with the Maldives is an All Time New One (ATNO) for me. It’s also my one and only contact with the country off the coast of India.

I’ve worked and confirmed several QSOs with stations in Greenland before. But this contact with OX7AKT was the first to confirm a QSO using FT8. It was made using 30M from my modest home station.

Here’s another country that I’ve worked before. This contact with A35GC was with FT8 and done from my home station. Tonga is located in the Pacific Ocean. This took place on 20M. This DXpedition looks like it arranged for a good number of sponsors.

Liechtenstein isn’t a new country for me. But this card, and another like it, confirms my first CW contacts with the country. I worked HB0/DL2JRM on 40M and 17M.

This was another ATNO new one for me. I worked FO/SP5EAQ on the Austral Islands in the Pacific using CW on the 20M, 15M and 10M bands.

And yet another ATNO. This card confirms an FT8 contact with JD1BHA on 20M. I made the QSO from my home station. Ogasawara is an island in the middle of the Pacific that strangely is technically within the city limits of Tokyo.

I worked 5H3MB in Tanzania on 20M using SSB. It’s only my second card from the country, which I don’t hear much on the air.

One final card with another ATNO. I worked VK0MQ on 20M using FT8. Unfortunately, it was the only contact with Macquarie Island I was able to make. South of New Zealand, Macquarie is described as being in both the Pacific and Southern Oceans.

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