LogConv Feature – Generic SRX Field

Not every application adheres to standards. Such oversights or mistakes can complicate moving data between systems. The ADIF file specification defines two SRX fields relating to received information in contest exchanges. They share a common prefix, but are defined as containing related. but not identical, information.

SRXIntegerReceived serial number
SRX_FIELDStringReceived contest QSO info
Two “SRX” fields in the ADIF standard

We have come across some programs which emit generic contest exchange information in the SRX field instead of the prescribed serial number. This might be a problem when trying to get your QSO exchange information properly converted into other formats.

<call:6>KA5WSS <qso_date:8>20190609 <time_on:6>200828 <band:2>2M
<srx:4>CM88 <mode:3>SSB

Note that SRX is not a serial number here! Depending upon the contest, a receiving application might end up raising an exception when the expected serial number is not an integer or missing out on the contest exchange altogether because it’s looking in the wrong field.

LogConv‘s Generix SRX option copies the contents from the SRX field into SRX_FIELD before passing it on for conversion. It’s fairly simple, but removes the need to edit/replace “SRX” with “SRX_FIELD” in your ADIF file prior to converting the file.

On the GUI version of LogConv look in the Options area for the Generic SRX checkbox:

On the command line, merely include the “-srx” option.

clogconv.exe arrl_vhf.adi arrl_vhf.cbr -srx

This option is only applicable for ADIF input files and is ignored when other file types are selected.

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