Field Day 2023

The Valley of the Moon ARC (W6AJF) achieved its highest Field Day score in all of the years I have been involved with the club effort. Our 445 QSOs beat out 2019’s effort by just three contacts. But CW contacts and extra points pushed us over 2,500 for the first time.

Preparing to erect the club’s military surplus tube tower with a 20M beam.

The club’s tower trailer sporting a triband beam ready to be raised.

A couple of Sonoma Police Department officers accepted our invitation and visited our site. The club gets extra points for having public service and government officials visiting.

Both towers are up and we are ready to make contacts. Note the vineyard on the right. We’re in Sonoma, so of course there’s a vineyard!

We didn’t have a canopy for every station this year, so we improvised with a tarp.  Mike (WB6TMH) is at the controls here. Another canopy is on our list of things to buy for next year.

Conditions were sometimes windy and later in the day we had to deal with cold conditions rather than hot ones.  Here, Ed (W1EJ) fights off the cold while making QSOs.

Later that evening Carl (N6TTV) burned the midnight oil at the controls.

Carl (N6TTV) still at the controls the next day while Darrel (WD6BOR) chats with City Councilman Jack Ding.

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