New Desk And Hung Awards

After much contemplation, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a stand-up desk for my home office/station. For years I owned a simple desk with a crisscrossing tubular frame that was fine, but presented some problems. Because the frame ran parallel to the desk on the ground it meant a rolling chair could not get underneath the table edge. I think this meant my posture was not ideal when typing and it felt like I was hunched over too much.

The last two places I’ve worked have had stand-up desks and I’ve used them in the upright position quite often, so I felt such a feature would get a good workout at home as well. It could also come in handy when one of the cats steals my chair and I feel reluctant to dislodge them.

Cat in a chair

The desk I settled on was the Jarvis 60″ wide bamboo top standing desk. One of the deciding factors was its 350 pound lifting capability. Probably much more than I’ll ever put on it, but it’s comforting to know I can buy a few more radios in the future and not worry about the lifting motors.

Stand-up desk at KA5WSS
Stand-up desk in the elevated position at KA5WSS

While I had easier access to the walls I also went ahead and hung several of my Amateur Radio awards. I’ve had a couple of these since the 1990’s and they had not spent much time outside of a binder. The DXCC certificate is centered and high, not just because it’s one of the more prominent awards, but also because it is the largest in dimension. You’ll note things are not entirely symmetrical. I ran out of 3M command strips and so am missing one frame in the lower left.

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