April QSL Inbox

H40TT QSL Card

April was very good to me. I got my first QSL Bureau shipment in a very long time. I expect more frequent deliveries in the future as I continue to operate more and catch up on my QSLing. The world of QSLs have changed a lot in the last decade or so. I was beginning […]

March QSL Inbox


March 2021 has been good to me, QSL-wise. I’ve had some trouble getting a Belarus QSL card for a while. So, I was happy when Sergey (EU1A) came through with this 40M SSB confirmation. The V31MA card here confirmed three FT8 contacts on three different bands. The more interesting for me is the 60M contact. […]

Operator or Station Awards?

KA5WSS Operating Desk

I recall a fellow Ham at the University of Texas Amateur Radio Club (N5XU, then W5EHM) back in the 1980’s who declined to make a contact at the club station using his own callsign with some semi-rare DX station. His stated reason was that he wanted to make that contact with his home station instead […]

One Hundred Countries Award (OHCA)

One Hundred Countries Award

The American Radio Relay League‘s DX Century Club Award (DXCC) remains one of the most prestigious certificates in Amateur Radio. Many Hams who do not consider themselves award chasers nevertheless chase that particular piece of paper. Obtaining DXCC can be a bit pricy though. Are there more economical choices? The FT8 Digital Mode Club (FT8DMC) […]



When a station is calling “CQ DX” on the air, what do they mean? The obvious and easy answer is that they are looking for stations far away (at a “distance”) and outside of their country. So, if I hear K5PI in Texas calling CQ, which I am literally doing right now as I type […]

Worked Region 3 Award

Worked Region 3 Award

Not too long ago I wrote about the International Amateur Radio Union‘s IARU Region 3 Award. The object of the award is to work as many nations as possible in IARU Region 3. This region roughly encompasses Asia and Oceania. Note the emphasis on nations and not “countries”, a loose term often attributed to DXCC […]

QSL Inbox – December 2020

A15AW QSL Card

The last few weeks have been very good to me from a QSL standpoint. After holding off on QSLing earlier in the year due to COVID-19 related interruptions to international mail I dipped my toes back in the water and sent out a bunch of requests. Here are a few of the recent successes. The […]

Worked All Japan Call Area (WAJCA)

Worked All Japan Call Area

One of my earliest awards was the All Japan Districts award, sponsored by the Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL). Only requiring 10 contacts, it was relatively easy to achieve. It didn’t hurt that it seemed there were even more Japanese stations on HF in the 1990’s when I earned it. Compared to some stateside awards […]

Worked All Continents (WAC FT8DMC)


The International Amateur Radio Union‘s Worked All Continents award is a popular entry level award for working all 6 populated continents. Antarcticians need not apply. For those wishing to do the same thing solely using the FT8 digital mode the FT8 Digital Mode Club offers up their own WAC program. The WAC award is presented […]

Award Hunting In The Time Of COVID-19

Via Regia Award

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has upended the normality to which we had all grown accustomed. This applies to the Amateur Radio pastime of Award Hunting as well. Problems I’ve encountered a couple of issues related to COVID-19 that have hampered my award hunting efforts. Social Distancing A popular way to maintain the integrity of operating […]