60M Award Hunting

WPX Mixed Award

The Amateur Radio 60M band is an odd creature. Unlike every other band, 60M is channelized into 5 discrete buckets. This limits the flexibility Hams enjoy on other bands to get the most use out of the spectrum allocated to us. Because of these limitations, groups that sponsor operating contests and even awards have avoided adding support for it.

WAS Award

There is one notable exception. CQ’s WPX Award does track the number of prefixes you work on 60M and issues a sticker for working 175 unique prefixes on the band. But after you’ve achieved that, what’s left to chase on the band? Plenty!

Just because it’s not possible to work towards an official 60M DXCC or WAZ award doesn’t mean you are out of options at 5 MHz. Alternative award sponsors have filled the gap and given us all a number of award synonyms to go after. These include:

Diploma PaisesDXCCERC
Worked Caribbean AwardN/AFT8DMC
Worked Different US StationsN/AERC
Worked All StatesWASERC
Worked All StatesWASFT8DMC
Worked All ZonesWAZFT8DMC
Worked All PrefixesWPXCQ
Worked Prefix AwardWPXFT8DMC

So don’t neglect the overlooked 60M band when considering new award hunting opportunities.

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