Diploma 5 Continentes Modo Digital

The Diploma 5 Continentes Modo Digital (DCM) from the European Ros Club (ERC) rewards the Radio Amateur who makes digital mode contacts with other stations on each of the five populated continents of the World. Wait, did you say five continents?

Diploma 5 Continentes Modo Digital Certificate

Continental awards, such as Worked All Continents (WAC) generally exclude Antarctica from the landmasses required to be contacted. But DCM here is unique in that it combines North America and South America into a single American continent. This makes the award a bit easier to obtain than other WAC synonyms.

In addition to the “all bands” baseline award you can also obtain separate awards for each individual band.

The DCM certificate features a world map in the background with all five (yes I said five!) continents required for the award. If the award is for contacts on a single band that is indicated on the right side of the certificate.

To apply for the Diploma 5 Continentes Modo Digital, and all other ERC awards, you must install the UltimateAAC application on a Windows machine. That application scans your WSJT-X ADIF log file, or any ADIF log file you specify. It will then inform you when you’ve qualified for the award at various levels. ERC issues the award in digital form only (JPG or PDF) with no printing or shipping costs. In fact, the award is completely free, like all of their other awards.

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