Worked Alaskan Stations Award (WALSA)

Alaska is a big US state and a separate DXCC country. The FT8 Digital Mode Club (FT8DMC) sponsors an award for working a certain number of KL7 stations called the Worked Alaskan Stations Award (WALSA). The club awards certificates for working 5, 10 and 15 different stations.

WALSA-15 for working 15 Alaskan stations.

The WALSA award is presented in digital form (both JPG and PDF versions available). Like other FT8DMC awards, it is entirely free! If you apply for the WALSA-15 award the award manager will automatically send the versions for working 5 and 10 stations as well. As a result, you’ll get three certificates with one application.

WALSA-10 for working 10 KL7 stations.

The five QSO entry point for the award should be easy for most Hams using the FT8 mode.

WALSA-5 for working 5 stations

The Worked Alaskan Stations Award is just one of many Country QSO Count Awards that are offered by multiple groups.

The FT8 Digital Mode Club sponsors this and many other awards, all dedicated to promoting FT8 activity. Applications for the awards are handled through the UltimateAAC (Ultimate Award Application Center) program which must be installed on your computer. I need to do a separate post on how to install and use UAAC since it’s not always the easiest application to use.

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