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AGB Prefixes Award

Prefixes Award

CQ Magazine’s WPX Award is a popular and expansive award system. As many options as there are for award, and there are a lot, one might want to slice their award matrix up even further. The Activity Group of Belarus (AGB) has their own version of the WPX award in the form of the Prefixes […]

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Worked Prefix Award (WPX FT8DMC)

Worked Prefix Award

One of Amateur Radio’s most popular awards is CQ Magazine’s WPX Award. An Amateur can earn WPX by confirming contacts with a certain number stations with unique callsign prefixes. There are thousands of possible prefixes around the globe so it’s one of the more open ended programs out there. In the past collecting hundreds, if […]

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Sticker Shock

Endorsement stickers

No, this is not a post about the high price of HF gear, or anything similar to that. Instead it’s about award stickers. I recently received two stickers for two separate awards and thought I’d pontificate a bit about them. The two stickers that just arrived are for my DXCC Phone and WPX Mixed certificates. […]

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WPX Mixed

WPX Mixed Award

CQ Magazine issues the WPX award for Amateur Radio operators who confirm contacts with a given number of unique callsign prefixes (KA5, GM0, 6Y5, etc.).  The basic award is available for those who can confirm contacts with stations featuring 300 unique prefixes (400 for the Mixed certificate).  Endorsements are available for each additional 50 new […]

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