WPX Mixed

I applied for CQ’s WPX Award and though still waiting for the physical copy, I did receive their PDF version of the award.

WPX Mixed Certificate

The WPX award is issued for Amateur Radio operators who confirm contacts with a given number of unique callsign prefixes (KA5, GM0, 6Y5, etc.).  The basic award is available for those who can confirm contacts with stations featuring 300 unique prefixes (400 for the Mixed certificate).  Endorsements are available for each additional 50 new prefixes.

There are a four flavors of the basic award (Mixed, CW, SSB and Digital).  Adding to the mixture are additional endorsements for single bands and continents.  This is a complicated, multifaceted awards program.

I have to admit that WPX may be an award I might not have bothered to apply for had it not been offered through the ARRL’s Logbook of the World.  The prospect of gathering and sorting hundreds of QSL cards by prefix seems like a daunting task.

Being able to check on the LoTW website to check whether you qualify for the initial certification and just pressing a couple of buttons is a real game changer.

Take a look at my WPX results in LoTW to see the large number of certificates and endorsements that are possible:

So many options, and this is an incomplete list!

Can you imagine trying to gather up all of the QSL cards for all of these options?

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