Worked All Indonesia Call Area Award

Indonesia is spread across innumerable islands in a sprawling swath of the Earth that abuts both the Pacific and Indian Oceans. An Amateur Radio operator who makes contacts with one station in each of the 10 call areas of the country can earn the Worked All Indonesia Call Area award. The European ROS Club issues this award.

Worked All Indonesia Call Area award

The digital certificate includes both the Indonesian flag as well as a map of the archipelago, with marked call areas. Two design elements of which I approve.

The basic award allows for any contacts between 160M and 2M. You can also chase separate certificates for working all 10 call areas on a single band.

From an American perspective, working all 10 call areas in a country on the opposite side of the planet may sound daunting. But this is has become easier in recent years than it might have been when I was first licensed in the 1980s. Since that time, the number of Indonesian stations on the air has increased dramatically. And this award is for digital contacts only, so tools like FT8 make the quest all the easier.

To apply for the Worked All Indonesia Call Area Award, and all other ERC awards, you must install the UltimateAAC application on a Windows machine. That application scans your WSJT-X ADIF log file and will inform you when you’ve qualified for the award at various levels. ERC issues the award in digital form only (JPG or PDF) with no printing or shipping costs. In fact, the award is completely free, like all of their other awards.

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