December 2022 QSL Card Inbox

I’m wrapping up 2022 with my last QSL card update of the year. As I write this ClubLog reports that I have made 2,962 QSOs and contacted 172 DXCC entities. Both are the most I’ve ever done in a single year.

I’m also far more focused on QSLing those contacts as soon as possible. In doing so I hope to avoid the missed QSL opportunities of ancient contacts I’ve documented before. Here are some of the cards trickling in at the end of the year.

This is an All Time New One for me. This QSL card from FW1JG in Wallis and Futuna Islands in the Pacific Ocean confirms FT8 contacts on both 20M and 15M. I worked him from both my home and a remote station.

This QSL card from 4U1ITU in Geneva, Switzerland also counts as an All Time New One. Both 4U1UN in New York and this station count as separate DXCC entities. The QSO took place on 15M SSB contact earlier this year. I worked them in 1990 on 40M but somehow did not end up in their log. Glad to get this one confirmed.

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