July 2022 QSL Card Inbox

It was a busy month, QSL card-wise. I received two separate packets from the incoming QSL card bureau. Many of those were Japanese cards, with several of them being new JCC and JCG entities that I needed for those awards. Here are a few other cards coming in this month of note.

Guadalupe is not the rarest of DXCC countries, but it’s always nice to work stations from there and getting a card. This contact with FG4KH was made on 15M using SSB.

I worked C21VA during their DXpedition to Nauru on 17M using FT8.

This card confirms a 20M FT8 QSO with 5B4AMM in Cyprus. What makes the card a bit more special is the fact is came from war torn Ukraine. And on top of that, the operator, Sergey Rebrov (UT5UDX), is a former player and manger for Dynamo Kyiv, whose logo you can see on the card.

This was going to be the best card of the month for me, an All Time New One (ATNO). I worked 5R8IC in Madagascar on 17M using FT8. But then…

After a 34 year wait, I finally got around to QSLing my ancient contact with Palmyra Atoll. In 1988 I worked W0RLX/KH5 on 15M using SSB. Then it sat in my logbook for decades with no action on my part to do something about it. Thankfully, Burt (now W0MY) dug through his old paper logs and confirmed the contact for me.
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