May 2023 QSL Card Inbox

The last couple of months had a slow start for incoming QSL cards. But we then left for a couple of weeks of vacation and I came home to a nice set of cards awaiting me. And then near the end of this month I received one of the most important QSL cards I’ve received in some time.


The callsign KC4AAA sounds rather humdrum. But rather than residing in the Southeastern US, this station is located as far south as you can go – the South Pole. This card confirms my 40M QSO on SSB and is my only Antarctic contact to date.


I’ve only worked one station in Tajikistan, and EY8MM is that station. This card confirms an FT8 contact on 15M.

S01WS QSL Card

I had worked the Western Sahara before, but this card from S01WS confirmed new mode and band combinations. This card covered CW and SSB contacts on 20M, 17M and 10M.


Despite good propagation into the Pacific, Vanuatu has often frustrated me. So I was happy to get this card from the YJ0A DXpedition confirming FT8 contacts on 15M, 12M and 10M.

3B7M QSL Card

I got a good mix of QSO modes and bands for the 3B7M DXpedition to Saint Brandon Island. This card confirms CW, SSB and FT8 contacts on 20M, 17M, 15M and 10M.


I’m not a real CW op. But you’d be hard pressed to tell from this card of the TN8K DXpedition to the Republic of the Congo. Of the 6 QSOs confirmed by it, all but one was for CW! Contacts covered the 80M, 40M, 30M, 20M, 15M and 12M bands. I even have another card coming via the bureau for 10M. Also CW.

With these cards, and others, my CW DXCC country total has risen to 77. But I’ll save the best for last.

3Y0J QSL Card

Bouvet Island is the #2 most needed country according to ClubLog. The DXpedition earlier this year faced tremendous adversity and as a result they did not achieve their hoped for results. But I did manage to break through an enormous pileup for a single FT8 contact on 30M.

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