Worked Canadian Stations Award (WCASA)

The Worked Canadian Stations Award (WCASA) is a fairly easy to get started award which requires a minimum of 10 FT8 contacts with stations in Canada. The award comes in three classes, differing by the number of stations required:

Award ClassContacts

Conveniently, if you apply for the class I award the awards maintainer will also send copies of the class II and class III award.

WCASA-50 for working 50 VE’s.

Awards are distributed in both JPG and PDF format. The entirely electronic manner in which awards are requested and awarded contributes to lower costs. The costs are so low that there is no charge for the award. It’s entirely free!

WCASA-25 for working 25 Canadian stations.

For US Hams the class III award is an easy way to get started. Even very modest stations can work a good number of VEs on FT8. My home station will not break any pileups but it is more than adequate to work a bunch of Canadians with digital modes such as FT8.

WCASA-10 for working 10 Canadians.

The Worked Canadian Stations Award is just one of many Country QSO Count Awards that are offered by multiple groups.

The FT8 Digital Mode Club sponsors this and many other awards, all dedicated to promoting FT8 activity. Applications for the awards are handled through the UltimateAAC (Ultimate Award Application Center) program which must be installed on your computer. I need to do a separate post on how to install and use UAAC since it’s not always the easiest application to use.

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