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Worked All Italian Call Area

The FT8 Digital Mode Club (FT8DMC) rewards Radio Amateurs who make contacts with Amateur Radio stations in each of the 10 call areas of Italy with the Worked All Italian Call Area award. All QSOs must be made using the FT8 digital mode. The certificate sports a nighttime view of Italy from space showing the […]

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Worked All New Zealand Award

The Worked All New Zealand Award indicates that an Amateur Radio Operator has made a given number of FT8 contacts with the four call areas of New Zealand proper. The FT8 Digital Mode Club (FT8DMC) is the sponsor of the award. There are four call areas present in the two main islands of New Zealand. […]

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Worked All Australia Award

The FT8 Digital Mode Club issues the Worked All Australia Award to Radio Amateurs who make contact with at least one station in each of the 8 call areas of Australia. Australia actually administers two additional call areas not required for this award. The VK9 call area is issued for territories such as Christmas, Cocos, […]

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Worked VHF Grid Award (WVGA)

Worked VHF Grid Award

The FT8 Digital Mode Club’s (FT8DMC) Worked VHF Grid Award (WVGA) honors operating achievement in working stations on the VHF bands using the FT8 digital mode in a given number of different Maidenhead grid squares. You can obtain the entry level synonym award with just a total of 50 grids. The American Radio Relay League’s […]

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Worked All States (FT8DMC)

The American Radio Relay League‘s (ARRL) Worked All States Awards is one of the most popular Amateur Radio awards programs. There are more Hams who have attained WAS than have achieved DXCC status. The League runs a tight ship when it comes to their awards programs. If you’d like an easier entre into the goal […]

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Worked Cuban Stations Award (WCUSA)

Worked Cuban Stations Award

Cuba has been called the Pearl of the Caribbean. Despite its relative isolation from its neighbors it has continued to captivate many around the world. With travel to the island difficult at best, making contacts with lots of Cuban stations is another way to create experiences. The Worked Cuban Stations Award (WCUSA), sponsored by the […]

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Worked Hawaiian Stations Award (WHSA)

WHSA-15 Award

The Hawaiian Islands, like Alaska, remains a part of, but apart from, the majority of the United States. In Sweepstakes Hawaii is considered a domestic entity. In the ARRL DX Contest it’s considered a DX entity. The islands certainly maintain an allure that draws many tourists to their shores to this day. The Worked Hawaiian […]

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Europe Stations Award (EUSA)

Europe Stations Award

Like many awards of the FT8 Digital Mode Club (FT8DMC), applying for their Europe Stations Award is easy. The harder part is trying to get to the “end” of the program, particularly if you live far away from Europe. To achieve the lowest level of the award an Amateur need make FT8 contacts with 100 […]

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Worked Prefix Award (WPX FT8DMC)

Worked Prefix Award

One of Amateur Radio’s most popular awards is CQ Magazine’s WPX Award. An Amateur can earn WPX by confirming contacts with a certain number stations with unique callsign prefixes. There are thousands of possible prefixes around the globe so it’s one of the more open ended programs out there. In the past collecting hundreds, if […]

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Have I worked this station on FT8, or not?

WSJT-X display

I rely on WSJT-X’s color coding to tell me whether a station calling CQ on FT8 is one I’ve worked or not. Recently, I’d focused a bit more on 60M prefixes for a WPX award endorsement. I was a bit surprised how few of the calling stations appeared to be new to me on this […]

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