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April 2022 QSL Card Inbox

Here is April’s haul of interesting incoming QSL cards. 9G5AR in Ghana is an All Time New One (ATNO) for me. I made this FT8 QSO on the 20M band. Having learned my lesson about waiting too long to QSL I sent out for this one right away. When I first came across this callsign […]

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March 2022 QSL Card Inbox

Here’s a sampling of interesting QSL cards that I received during the month of March in 2022. Another All Time New One (ATNO) for me.  I worked EA6VQ in the Balearic Islands on both 40M and 30M using FT8.  The islands are in the Mediterranean Sea and reside far enough away from Spain to count […]

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February 2022 QSL Card Inbox

February is the shortest month. Would a short month also mean fewer incoming QSL cards to report? I worked CQ8M on the Azores Islands in the Atlantic Ocean on 40M SSB. The QSO was made from a remote station in New York. I’m impartial to QSL cards with maps. This card from FK8HA has one […]

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January 2022 QSL Card Inbox

We’ll see what 2022 has in store for us. However, the year got off to a good start in the QSL department for me with a nice haul of cards. Here are just a few, many of them are All Time New Ones (ATNO). Let’s hope the trend continues through the rest of the year. […]

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December QSL Card Inbox

Wrapping up 2021 with a number of QSL cards that have been received in the last few weeks. There are a couple of all time new ones (ATNO) to show for my efforts. I had worked Colombia many times in the past but I did not have much in the way of physical QSL cards […]

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November QSL Card Inbox


The last few months had been rather quiet, QSL Card-wise. Things started to pick up as of late. I worked HP1AVS in Panama on 17M using FT8.  A flag and a map on a QSL card is always a plus with me. Two of my favorite things. The Mexican Club Radioaficionados Hidrocalidos (XE2CRH) celebrated their […]

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May QSL Inbox

May was another good month for me, QSL wise. Working Pacific islands is much easier from California than it was from Texas. This card confirms contacts with E51BQ on Rarotonga (South Cook Islands) using FT8 on 30M and 17M. Indonesia isn’t that rare, but for whatever reason I had never acquired many YB QSL cards. […]

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April QSL Inbox

H40TT QSL Card

April was very good to me. I got my first QSL Bureau shipment in a very long time. I expect more frequent deliveries in the future as I continue to operate more and catch up on my QSLing. The world of QSLs have changed a lot in the last decade or so. I was beginning […]

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March QSL Inbox


March 2021 has been good to me, QSL-wise. I’ve had some trouble getting a Belarus QSL card for a while. So, I was happy when Sergey (EU1A) came through with this 40M SSB confirmation. The V31MA card here confirmed three FT8 contacts on three different bands. The more interesting for me is the 60M contact. […]

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QSL Inbox – December 2020

A15AW QSL Card

The last few weeks have been very good to me from a QSL standpoint. After holding off on QSLing earlier in the year due to COVID-19 related interruptions to international mail I dipped my toes back in the water and sent out a bunch of requests. Here are a few of the recent successes. The […]

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