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1998 Phone Sweepstakes

The University of Texas ARC effort in 1998 earned a 5th place spot in the Collegiate Championship for Phone and contributed to an overall 3rd place finish in the combined category. It was one of the top 5 Phone Sweepstakes efforts in school history.

1997 Phone Sweepstakes

Worked this one with Ken Harker (WM5R). A better outcome than 1994 and 1995, but could have done better with more ops. Despite the higher score we still ended up only in 3rd place in STX. We did manage a Clean Sweep though. Callsign Used : N5XU (University of Texas, ex-W5EHM) Operators : KM5FA, KA5WSS […]

1994 Phone Sweepstakes

After several years of 1000+ QSO efforts the University of Texas ARC log for this year was lower at 695. A string of 1st and 2nd place finishes in STX ended with a 4th place finish this year. Call: W5EHM Country: Mode: SSB Category: Multi Single BAND QSO QSO PTS SECTIONS 160 0 0 – […]

1992 Phone Sweepstakes

Prior to the start of the Collegiate Championships the University of Texas ARC was quite active for Sweepstakes, particularly Phone. This multi-op effort yielded the second best score in school history. Enough for 1st place in STX though I think we just missed out on a second top 10 finish. Call: W5EHM Country: Mode: SSB […]

1995 CW Sweepstakes

I hadn’t remembered that I had done this one on my own, not a typical thing for CW contests. The low QSO total did match my CW skills though! This only garnered a 7th place finish in STX but it did give the UT Amateur Radio Club station a CW entry in that year’s Collegiate […]